A Parkbridge development project

to Meaford's Parkbridge Community


Featuring 800 metres of waterfront, Parkbridge is creating an exceptional new community of residential neighbourhoods on the shore of Georgian Bay.

The community’s unique sense of place will be expressed through its strong and meaningful connection to nature, and will be a fitting addition to Meaford.

This website is designed to be the central source for accurate and up-to-date information on the Project, and a way for people to provide comments and find answers to their questions.

The Project Team


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Professional Land Use Planning Consultants

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Who is Parkbridge?

Parkbridge is Canada’s largest owner-operator and developer of residential land lease communities. We manage land lease communities for both retirees and families, and have been providing vibrant and attainable residential communities for Canadians since 1998.

We own and operate 75 residential land lease communities with 28,000 family and retirement homes, offering a unique approach to affordable homeownership. Social connections and meaningful activities are nurtured within Parkbridge communities in and around the shared amenities we provide and manage with our highly experienced and professional team.

Why Parkbridge?

  • Parkbridge is where community lives.
  • Parkbridge is a proudly Canadian company.
  • Parkbridge makes residential communities exceptional.