Master Plan Design


There are a number of principles that are guiding the development of the Master Plan for the community. 

Nature Connection

• Creating a community that has distinct characteristics that are fitting with its natural setting

• Providing opportunities for meaningful access to nature through sensitive design

• Integrating natural environmental features as significant design characteristics

Public Access to Bluffs, Trails and Waterfront

• Creating integrated open space, parks and trail systems that support programmed and unprogrammed uses for people throughout the community

• Providing waterfront access that is fitting with the natural setting

• Creating links to the Georgian Trail

All-ages Friendly Design

• Creating a community that is comfortable, accessible, and visually appealing

• Creating a recognizable sense of place, vibrancy, and social-cohesion

Range of Housing and Affordability

• Providing an appropriate mix of housing types

• Developing all-ages friendly housing at an appropriate density and scale

• Designing homes that fit the site’s natural setting and the Town of Meaford

Complete Neighbourhood Design

• Providing opportunities for specialized uses that best serve the community

• Providing for safe, accessible, and convenient travel for people on foot and by bike throughout the site